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The Scotch Plains Baptist Church was organized August 5, 1747, and has an unbroken record of worship and service from that date. 


Twenty-three pastors have served the church with an average tenure of over ten years.  A commendable record.

Five churches have been sponsored by this church, all between 1762 and 1788, the first of which was the First Baptist Church of New York.


God has wonderfully provided for this congregation and blessed it with gifted men and women leaders driven to spread the Gospel.


From early times (the second minute book of the church gives the date as 1747) the church maintained a large plot of ground to receive the earthly remains of the members and attendants.

This cemetery is adjacent to the church and extends from Mountain Avenue to Grand Street, and from Park Avenue to Forest Road.

In the old part of the burying ground may be found the markers of some of the founders of the church.  The first Recompense Stanberry, and his son (who was instrumental in rebuilding the church after the fire), with numerous members of the family interred here.

The names Darby, Stites, Osborn, Hetfield, Swan, Miller and many others are found in the old plot.  Some stone are too worn for identification.

The newer part of the cemetery is occupied by the remains of many prominent in the later church history: Dr. Coles and family, James D. Cleaver, the Archbolds, Westcotts, Hands, Marshes, Dunns, Clarks, Lyons, and many others.


The stones for the most part are simple markers, although a few more elaborate monuments are to be found. Perpetual care is given to the entire cemetery, and it is enclosed within the fence which includes the church building.


For many of these people, particularly in earlier days, the church was the supreme interest in life, and it is most fitting that they should lie under the shadow of its walls.

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